Generator Prices 2013 in Pakistan

Due to so much load shedding in Pakistan, Generators are necessary. Generator Prices 2013 in Pakistan is rising and it would be better to buy one generator for your home or office before the summer 203.

Gnerators come in various specification. The price depends upon the load a generator can take and the assemblies. For example China made gtenerator will cost you half of the price of Japan made generators. The most common generators are from 2 KVA to 5 KVA.

2.5 KVA China Generator Price in Pakistan in 2013 is Rs. 30,000/- and it can run 3 Fans, 3 Lights, 1 T.V.
1.3 KVA Honda EP1800C Generator Price is Rs. 42,800/- and this consumes 0.97 litre/hour.
4 kVA Engine GE390 Noise Level 71 dB Brand New Honda cost is Rs. 200,000/-
5.5 KVA Honda EU 65 Diesel Generator price for 2013 is Rs. 100,000/-
Yamaha Premium EF2600 Generator Price is 46,000/-
45 kva / 37 kva ISUZU diesel generator price in Pakistan is Rs. 550,000/-
5 KVA DENYO/HONDA petrol/gas kit Generator Price in Pakistan is 65,000/-
15 KVA Mazda Diesel Generator with JAPANESE ENGINE Price is Rs. 275,000/-
Portable PEL Domestic Generators Price Pakistan 2013 is 84,000/-

Some people convert their generators to natural gas using gas kit, but it is against SSGC law. You have to take permission to do this. My recommendation is to use Petrol as a fuel because use of Petrol enhances your generator life and keep your engine strong. Prices reported above are same for all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

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