Mitsubishi split ac prices in pakistan 2012

Mitsubishi is a well known name in electronic selling companies and in Pakistan it has a very large customer segment. Mitsubishi split AC are famous for its fantastic cooling. One of its model called Mitsubishi has got popularity among Pakistani due to its small size.

These are Mitsubishi Spli AC Prices in Pakistan 2012 for various models :

Xtreme MS-C18 VC Rs.61,000/-
GF MS-GF13 VC Rs.43,400/-
Xtreme MS-C24 VD Rs.74,000/-
C MSH-C12-VC Rs.45,400/-
GF MS-GF18 VC Rs.55,900/-
C MSH-C24-VD Rs.27,000/-

The humidity is increasing day by day and the peak hot month, that is, June and July is very near. It is good to buy the Air condition now.

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