Toyota Vitz 2013 Price in Pakistan


New year 2013 is near and every car manufacturer has launched its new versions. Toyota Vitz 2013 version is also launched and lovers are excitingly looking to know Toyota Vitz 2013 Price in Pakistan and in all cities of Pakistan.

Vitz has two model which is quite popular among its lovers. One is Vitz 1300cc and the other is Vitz 1000cc and their prices are 1,250,000/- and 1,025,000/- in Pakistani rupees. Vitz offers economy is the shape of fuel and its is the one of the luxurious car in Pakistan for a family. So, majority of people are buying it even in the era of rising prices

Toyota Vitz Bank Alfalah Car Fianancing offers a very lenient payment schedule, you can use it to buy your Toyota Vitz car. Just pay 20-25% down payment and the bank like Bank Alfalah or Meezan Bank Ijarah Car Financing will take rest of the payment in monthly installments. This makes buying the car easy even for middle class.

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